Okay, I admit it. I am probably a bad mom. Well, really I’m not, but I feel like it at the moment.

My oldest daughter is getting honored at the middle school tonight. I have no idea what award she is receiving but her grades have been almost A’s the whole year and she did really well on the presidential achievment test (according to her). So knowing nothing about what she is actually getting an award for, is making me really wish we didn’t have to go.

And then, it starts at 6:00pm. Yeah, that’s in a half hour. But when she asked her teacher today what time it would be over, I guess she said “No later than 8:00pm”. What?! Are you serious? I have to sit in a freakin’ gymnasium for TWO hours with five kids awaiting an award or two? I swear if she gets called first, we’re gonna sneak out. We’re sitting WAY in the back. LOL

I really have no idea why I feel like this either. Typically I am excited when the kids win awards or get honored for something. But tonight, I just don’t feel like it. She’s a great kid though, and she deserves this, so of course, I’ll take off my bad mom hat, and put on my perfect smile, and happy, “I’m a perfect parent” look, and go sit amongst all the parents I despise who are sitting there with their “I’m a member of the PTA hats” and “My husband is an attorney skirts”, and smile. Proudly. Because even if my husband is not an attorney, and I am not on the PTA (hey – I was when my son was in Kindergarten!), and I don’t live in a house as big as some of them do, and I don’t drive the best SVU available to mankind, I’m just as proud of my honor student as the rest of the suckers who put the sticker on their damn cars. (Ok, seriously folks – if I actually had a sticker, goodness knows, I’d put it on my van – just for the kids – cause I love them).

Ah…time to go round up five kids and make sure they all look presentable. I don’t have time to spell check, so if I made an error – too bad – I’m not the one getting the award. LOL