Before I say much of anything, I want to apologize for not being around much lately. Life gets busy, especially at the end of the school year. I am sorry I haven’t been around, but I have been answering emails and comments, so at least I have that in my corner.

I thought I would sneak away on a mini-vacation from the blog, but I found that I missed it. And I thought about it a lot. And that happens whenever I do get time away from my huge parade of kids. How can mom enjoy a vacation when she is constantly worried about what is going on at home, or what so and so is doing, etc.?

Simple. Make it an overnight vacation. Or a weekend vacation. Or heck, even date night might qualify in some aspect as a mini-vacation as I am no longer cleaning, cooking or doing anything else that seems to take up half my life.

Oh, and while I have been gone, we have set up job charts. It’s a wonderful concept and you really should consider it. The work load for me has been reduced by half and it allowed me to be able to pick up another freelance job which I was really wanting.

I will explain the job charts in a post later this month, to give you ideas to implement in your own home.

Again, I apologize for disappearing but life really does get in the way sometimes. I missed you all in blog land and will be back more regular now with summer fast approaching and my days seemingly longer.

Have a terrific Tuesday!