Well, Mike calls tonight and says, hey I’m getting a couple of baseball tickets for the Cardinals game Saturday afternoon. Uhm. Okay. How many? He tells me just two. Well, I cannot go, someone has to be here for the kids (plus not a huge sports fan…remember?)

So how do you decide between five kids and which one gets to go? We did the only sensible thing. We decided who ‘deserved’ to go. Yeah…sounds great. But it was more complicated than that. First of all, Brie has already been … she went last year because she won tickets from the library (my totally LUCKY kid!) My son hates sports and had absolutely no interest in going, which only left the three other girls. Well, after much debating we came to the conclusion that Jessica, the youngest deserved to go because she had not been to anything ‘alone’ with a parent in a VERY long time.

So, Mike and Jessica are off to the Cardinal game Saturday afternoon. Then we have a party to go to Saturday night. I hate busy weekends. LOL