I am all about Mom humor, which was why I immediately posted the Total Momsense post yesterday. After I listened to it and shared it with everyone I knew, I wound up going to Anita Renfroe’s site and was so surprised at all she has done.

I wanted more after watching her clips and reading all her blurbs. She is hysterical. I am totally going to buy that DVD. I love comedy, but I like it better when I can relate to it, and when it’s more Christian in its content. She is both. That is perfect.

So, I went and searched the Real Player Music Store for her, and there was nothing. Total disappointment.

I also went and checked my ITunes Store. I found one thing on a compilation album. Again, total disappointment. Guess I will have to order off her site when I get time.

However, even if I pay to d/l her off of ITunes or from Real Player Music Store, I can still order her stuff on her site and be happy. She really is an adorably funny woman!